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Our Story

Infusion Organique is the passionate brainchild of industry veterans Ron Chavers and Carole Vialars, and brought to visual life under the astute art direction of Carole’s sister Gladys. The project grew from our day jobs as a cosmetic and fragrance manufacturer, cosmetic chemist and graphic artist, respectively.

After years spent working for the creative endeavors of others we decided to merge our talents in the collective pursuit of something we all felt passionate about—creating beautiful home fragrance products utilizing the best organic ingredients with the latest scent and skincare science.

Other than meeting my wife and having my children, my luckiest day might be the day I met Carole. Born and raised in Mazamet, France, Carole is the oldest daughter of the town’s only dermatologist. The heart and soul, as well as the brain of Infusion Organique, Carole is the embodiment of the French’s brilliant obsession with fragrance and skincare. Carole carefully formulates every product to meet her exacting standards. She doesn’t just create our fragrances, lotions, soaps and oils she uses them in her own life. In an industry focused on slick marketing and pretty packaging, Carole’s talent as a formulator has shown me that the true merit of a product is how it is made and how it makes you feel.

As passionate and talented as her sister, Gladys brought Infusion Organique to life by graphically interpreting each product. An experienced art director, Gladys has single handedly defined Infusion Organique. Not an easy thing to do while collaborating with two self proclaimed experts like Carole and me.

So, pushed along by two talented French sisters, I finally found the courage to bring our dream to life. We hope you enjoy using Infusion Organique as much as we love making it.

- Ron Chavers